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Its RapMon. How have you been doing ? Everyone including me, you and the people in Jindo are going through a tough time… While working in the studio regularly, I try to take in my surroundings with regards to the subjective. How about you ?

Its heartbreaking but let’s not be discouraged and buck up ~ Your hearts are precious after all !

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Happy Earth Day darlings
sexual harassment goes unpunished


 I didn’t know who else to turn to, but I just came across this YouTube video made by VitalyzdTV. This man is harassing this woman in public and humiliating and shaming her when she decides to fight back. It is disgusting and should be spread like wildfire in order for this to not go unpunished. With your help this can reach a wide demographic! Here’s the link:

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The Neighbourhood | Honest

I hope you find a way to be yourself some day

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